Frequently Asked Questions

Silver Commerce is an add-on product that allows NCR Silver users to set up an online store. Users can launch, manage and maintain a high-volume e-commerce website without hiring a web developer. Best of all, it integrates with the NCR Silver point-of-sale system to automatically pull in all products and inventory. We even provide hosting and a domain name at no extra cost.

$69 per month per location.

Of course! We provide you with the ability to customize several aspects of the website, including fonts, colors and several pre-built templates for the individual webpages.

Yes! We’ve designed NCR Silver Commerce so that your web pages will be responsive. What does that mean? It means your website will look good on phones, on tablets and on desktop computers.

Yes! With NCR Silver Commerce, you can set up all of your own categories for your products and then use those categories to control the navigation on your e-commerce website.

No. We provide hosting for you. It’s included in the price.

No. We can provide you with a free domain name that will be in this form: YourBusinessName.Myncrsilver.com

But, if you’d like to purchase a custom domain name outside of NCR, you can use that custom domain or even a subdomain for your Silver Commerce website. You will need to point that domain name to our servers.

In order to get your Silver Commerce site up and running you’ll need to have the following items:

  • Good quality images of your products
  • Images for the Category
    • We recommend images be between 600 and 2500 pixels wide depending on the type of products you’ll be selling
    • Note that the files size of the image can’t be over 10GB
  • Online title and description
  • Site navigation naming
  • Banner image
  • Shipping methods
  • URL that you’d like to have setup
  • Site Contact

Yes. You can import products via Excel the same way you would with NCR Silver.

Yes! You can go through your products and give them names to be used on the web. Moreover, you can (and should) write descriptions of your products so that users will be more likely to buy.

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to upload photos of your products to encourage users to buy. It’s a well-known fact that photography helps with product sales on e-commerce websites.

Absolutely! NCR Silver Commerce allows you to exclude products from your online store. You can exclude products from your ecommerce website by checking a box marking the product excluded from online sales or by not assigning it an online category.

Yes. If you sell out of a product, you can indicate that it is out of stock on the website.

Yes. We provide you with the tools to add page titles and meta descriptions on your pages so that the search engines can crawl and index your site properly.

Of course. NCR Silver Commerce allows store owners to customize shipping methods and costs based on the shipping provider.

Silver Commerce will send an email to the customer when something is ordered and then again when their products are shipped.

Yes! Your e-commerce sales will be reported in the NCR Silver back office along with your other physical store sales.

At the moment, Silver Commerce does not work with multi-site businesses. It’s only for single site businesses. We plan to introduce this functionality in the near future.

At the moment, NCR Silver Commerce does not work with NCR Silver Pro for Restaurants, only NCR Silver. We plan to introduce a new version that will work with NCR Silver Pro for Restaurants in the near future.

At the moment, NCR Silver Commerce will not support order ahead but we plan to introduce that functionality in the near future.

There are no set up fees. NCR provides free set up and training for any customers using NCR Silver Concierge service as part of their point-of-sale system.

Contact our Sales Team at (301)937-1750

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